Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Nano-Immortality and Possibility-Spaces

I was checking out STMB and noticed that he linked a CNN story about an inventor who is exercising and dieting to keep himself healthy for what he sees as man’s ability to achieve immortality in 20 years through the use of nanotechnology. Now, while his claims are dubious at best and his regimen of supplements and 10 glasses of “alkaline water” per day are sure to make GNC happy without any true evidence in their favor, it got me thinking about whether corporeal immortality is an ideal that the human species should even work towards.

From a limited individual existentialist standpoint personal bodily immortality is an enticing possibility, certainly one without the superficial appearance of a discernable detriment. However, when one views the grand narrative of the human experience through the lens of an evolutionary perspective, taking into account not particularized events but the meta-narrative of the whole of humanity as a collective process taking into account time, the story becomes more complex.

Sexual reproduction and meiosis are ingenious developments of the evolutionary process that allow blind genes to actively search for the proper combination of environmental fitness and species specific enhancements through chance pairings and chaotic recombinations. The end result of the process is a metaphorically majestic genetic algorithm that actively searches the environment (while responding to it) and itself for increased adaptability to the morphing external world. However, increasing evidence from the sociobiology camp suggests that the genetic compliment that comprises an individual strongly influences (if not controls—separate debate) the personality/adherence to universal human morality (another long debate)/likes/dislikes/talents etc. of an individual. Therefore, within the very act of procreation (understood this way) is the genesis of individual human diversity.

Throughout human and cultural evolution the influx of unique ideas and birth of revolutionary philosophical advancements have created the ideological milieu within which societies have driven further the intellectual development of the human animal. Whereas the majority of individuals exist comfortably beneath the bell-curve of human achievement, the outliers, those rare statistical anomalies that are allowed for by the genetic algorithm, exist, and their accomplishments, their unique perspectives, drive humanity up the ladder of evolutionary possibilities. Their names are familiar; Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, James Joyce, Mark Twain, Socrates etc., there are many more, some named and studied, others exist without the laudation of entering into the common vernacular.

If we achieve corporeal immortality sometime in the near future, the possibility space of humanity will dramatically shrink. A finite world with limited resources is a saturable system within which a restricted amount of individuals can be realistically sustained. When the system reaches it saturation point the continual propagation of the species would need to be halted reducing the possibility space to zero (lest we indulge the fantasy of cultivating an as yet undiscovered world). Ideas and cultural evolution would effectively stagnate as the ebb and flow of generational diversity is limited to a continuous plateau of limited potentialities.

Death is a creative event in nature. The demise of an individual (be it a flower/bumble bee/or human) creates room for the newest cohort of the species with its unique genetic compliment to seek out new ways of adapting to the environment creating the possibility of newly discovered adaptations that enhance the species as a whole and further the trip along the genetic algorithm. Death creates possibility spaces (the demise of the dinosaurs lead to the rise of the mammals). Analogously, during the human experience the death of the individual creates the possibility space within which subsequent individuals (that house unique compliments of genes spawning the unique patterns of thought that give rise to the further evolution of ideas) take their chance within the environment of ideas, searching for the outliers that change the course of human intellectual evolution. Immortality is inversely related to absolute possibility in a saturable biological system. When the final compliment of humans are left with which to subsist within the world, the genetic algorithm ceases, as does the tireless drive up the ladder of cultural/ideological evolution, as novel ways of approaching problems/viewing the world/unique thought constructs will have ceased. Humanity will be left with a group of individuals whose ideas and thought patterns will exist unchallenged in an unchanging world of closed possibility.


Blogger Stop touchin my blog! said...

I agree whole heartedly with the belief that death is a part of current life as we know it and that is for the absolute good of mankind as WE know it. Hopefully in our lifetimes, life as we know it will change in some amazing ways from what we know now. We are already living much longer then we did just 100 years ago so what is in store for us in this lifetime?

Cool to imagine the possibilities.

In the world we currently possess and know, mortality is manditory and there ain't thing one we can do about it...yet.

Even if this new scienece comes to fruission, as you have said we would need to uncover or create (possibly with breakthrough scienece & technologies?) new places to accomodate the increasing populations of those who could afford this new method of living (you know it would probably cost millions to become IMMORTAL). May as well get rich if your gonna be around FOREVER :p

Intriguing at the very least to think of immortality being realistic...What about sudden death etc...If a truck smashed into my car, im dying. No mineral water will save me...

Perhaps another invention will be microscopic body armor to prevent any impact from causing injury.

I am so truly excited to see the new sciences & technologies develop into the next light bulbs and so forth...

I want to live to be 188 years old.

Maybe Ill email the inventor dude and see what he recommends!

Perhaps 10 cups of GREEN TEA per day eh?

7:30 PM  
Blogger jpe said...

From a limited individual existentialist standpoint personal bodily immortality is an enticing possibility....You're just throwing "existentialist" around without konwing much about it, aren't you? Cuz any existentialist worth his/her salt is aware of the Heideggerian intersection of care and finitude.

10:29 PM  
Blogger Doc said...

This is what I love about blogging, the ability for random individuals to take one line of an entire post, criticize it and then disappear, off into the ether.

1) A comment about the use of the qualifier “limited” in the sentence you quoted---the word exists for a reason not merely as an aesthetic adornment to otherwise bland prose. It actually serves a function in that quoted sentence.

2) Where oh where does one deduce from my postings that I am in any way a Heidegerrian existentialist?

3) There is a wide variety of existentialist philosophy; by citing one particular school of thought that my post did not adhere to one
does not disqualify the argument (or in this case, my knowledge) of existentialism as a whole. An acknowledgement of the role of finitude certainly does not disqualify a desire for eternity (even when that concept is utterly absurd). In fact, Sartre recognized mortal existence as condemning man to “an inescapably finite, non-godlike condition of frustration, finitude, suffering and anxiety.” Certainly the recognition of this particular intellectual nihilistic outlook does not preclude the individual (even if he is a devout existentialist) from desiring the opposite. In fact the recognition of life as such may cause a greater desire for infinity.

4) All of the above does not matter. I was using the word in a colloquial form. But thanks for sharing your opinion about my knowledge.

12:39 AM  
Blogger Stop touchin my blog! said...

Stop touchin' the knowledge!

12:48 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As good as the point you raise is, I doubt that the world's creativity will ever come to the kind of entropy you describe provided we achieve corporeal immortality. I do believe the technology will be ready within the century (a possibility I would very much enjoy participating in the engineering of).

Living humans themselves are amazingly dynamic, especially when given some great motivation to change; consider the sort of stimulus immortality would provide! The ultimate freedom: To choose, once and for all, whether you want to live or die for however long you wish; to choose what you want to do when you want to do it (there's no hurry!), the opportunity to do anything and everything man has yet conceived, and then create more!

Let's assume, however, that we do eventually come to a sort of complete idealogical stagnation after a few hundred years of living with the same few billion people: What then? It is not exclusively those born with superior or unusual minds that contribute to the greatest discoveries of man; serendipity and boredom (or a combination of the two) are major factors. Let's face it- if you've been around the block a few hundred thousand times, you would be QUITE bored and prone to trying something- anything new, and from this would eventually rise new concepts and knowledge. This in turn would introduce further possibilities for others to do the same. Creativity needn't die with an unchanging gene pool so long as our world remains dynamic.

Pardon the run-on sentences. It is three AM and I really should be asleep. This sort of thinking has an odd appeal in the early morning, however...

3:37 AM  
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